Fun and simple apps to help parents.. and kids!

KidBehave is a simple chart that goes wherever you and your kids go. Take or choose a picture of you kid that you will move up or down on the chart based on their behavior. Or, try out a customized chart with the labels and colors that work for you.


Kids will love to see themselves move up or down and can instantly respond to avoid the dreaded 'loss of privilege'. Watch your kids act their best to be moved up to the top. This is the simplest behavior chart that you will ever use.  No complex point systems or setup.  Just snap a picture and go! 


It'sMyTurn will make keeping track of whose turn it is a breeze. Setup is as easy as choosing or snapping a photo or your 'Turn Takers' then adding any activity you'd like to track.  Use the timer to time each person's turn.  'Random Turn' is a fun way to settle a dispute about whose turn it is fast!